Bitcoin and Blockchain for Beginners

Bitcoin and Blockchain for Beginners

Workshop (group): €49,- p.p.
Workshop (private): €119,-

We live in a world where terms like Bitcoin and Blockchain; are hard to avoid. The question often posed by people is, “what is a Bitcoin exactly and what is Blockchain? Perhaps more importantly, what could it mean to you?”

We are gradually living in a more and more digital era. It is therefore to your advantage to increase your knowledge when it comes to important concepts such as ‘Bitcoin’ and/or ‘Blockchain’.

In the workshop ‘Bitcoin and Blockchain for Beginners’ the fundamental values of these concepts are explained in simple language!

A deepening of questions such as ‘The reason and importance of the Bitcoin?’ ‘What differences it has with our current payment system?’ ‘What can the Bitcoin bring you?’ ‘Is it really as sketchy as one might suggest?’ All of this and of course more!

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Workshop (group): €49,- p.p.
Workshop (private): €119,-

Workshop 1 | Beginner | Level 1

  • What is the Bitcoin and the Blockchain?
  • What was the reason for the Bitcoin?
  •  Wat is the importance of the Bitcoin?
  • Buying/Selling of the Bitcoin
  • Storing the Bitcoin securely
  • What can the Bitcoin bring you?



Online workshop

The workshop ‘Bitcoin and Blockchain for Beginners’ can also be followed online.

Location of the Workshop

The workshops are given in The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On location is also possible.

Group workshop or individual

The workshops can be followed individually or in a group

The individual workshops can be followed on weekdays as well as weekends. Please contact us for more information.

Duration Workshop

The workshop duration is of an hour and a half.

Supplies Required

A laptop and a smartphone.

Incl. or Excl. VAT

All prices include VAT.

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