Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Basics

Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Basics

Workshop (group): €199,- p.p.
Workshop (private): €249,-

If you’re going to start this workshop, then you’ve probably read a couple of things about the Bitcoin! Maybe the interest has stuck with you after the news stories of 2017. You probably know that the Bitcoin has made an incredible growth curve. Quite a few people have made some great profits. But have you missed the boat yet? No, you haven’t!

In addition to the Bitcoin, there are dozens of other coins (cryptocurrencies) that achieve wonderful results every day. Your interest in actual trading is, therefore, understandable. But interest is half the job, where do you start?

In the workshop ‘Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Basics’ you are introduced to the fundamental values of the Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and trading. We will go through the material step by step in a simple way.

However, only theory isn’t enough, which is why we combine theory with practice. During the workshop, you’ll interactively learn the basics of trading, learn how to build a successful portfolio for your situation and receive valuable tips like how to mitigate your risk during trading.

In short: an interactive workshop with a focus on how to be a successful trader!

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Workshop (group): €199,- p.p.
Workshop (private): €249,-

Workshop 2 | Intermediate | Level 2

  • How do you get started with the Bitcoin and altcoins?
  • How do you create a portfolio?
  • How does trading work?
  • Terminology explained
  • How can I mitigate my risk?

The workshop “Bitcoin,  Crypto and Trading Basics” can also be followed online.

The workshops are given in The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On location is also possible.

The workshops can be followed individually or in a group.

The individual workshops can be followed both during the week and during the weekend. Please contact us for more information.

The workshop lasts an hour and a half.

A laptop and smartphone.

All prices include VAT.