Workshop Advanced Crypto Trading

Workshop Advanced Trading

Workshop (group): €299,- p.p.
Workshop (private): €349,-

You probably ended up in this workshop because you want to take your trade skills to the next level.

If you have mastered trading, you can sometimes recognize specific patterns. Is the price going to rise or fall? If you want to take the next step in trading, this is done with “Futures”!

Futures are “agreements” to automatically have your predefined prediction come true at a particular time in the future. Within this “agreement” you can agree that you want to double this investment up to 125x without actually owning this money. In other words: high return and only a small investment. Also called a “leverage” construction.

You might be wondering how.

In the workshop “Advanced Trading” we teach you how to trade with Futures in combination with different indicators. Risk management is a crucial topic during the workshop. You will learn various strategies to build a successful portfolio in the short and long term by trading the Bitcoin and altcoins, in combination with future contracts.

Futures allow you to make extraordinary gains in a short period of time. However, with an emphasis on seriousness. Because where there is something to gain, there is of course also something to lose.

If you want to win with futures, it is crucial to have proper risk management, and to have the right tools to get you started!

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Workshop (group): €299,- p.p.
Workshop (private): €349,-

Workshop 3 | Advanced | level 3

  • Futures explained
  • How to set up a good risk management
  • Various strategies for trading with futures
  • Interactively trading  during the workshop with Future contracts
  • The use of indicators when trading
  • Building a portfolio for both short and long term

The workshop ‘Advanced Crypto Trading’ can also be followed online.

The workshops are given in The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On location is also possible.

The workshops can be followed individually or in a group.

The individual workshops can be followed both during the week and during the weekend. Please contact us for more information.

The workshop lasts two hours.

A laptop and smartphone.

All prices include VAT.